Highley Varlet is the moniker used for creative collaborations between Jessi Highet and Mike Varley.

Their current project is “2020: Total Clarity,” a multi-media and multi-disciplinary exploration of contemporary reality—both “virtual” and “actual.” To the best of their abilities, all actions during “2020” will be guided by the following precepts: Physicality, Companionship Communication and Clarity - P.C.C.C.

  • A physically exceptional act that utilizes our current life circumstances.
  • An exploration of our body's potential.
  • A deepend understanding of our body's communications.
  • Routine performance of the act.
  • A prioritization of long term body health
  • Utilizing our current life circumstances of intentioned interaction.
  • Maximizing physical proximity for shared understanding potential.
  • Combining concerted effort for a mutual goal.
  • Sharing needs, aligning needs.
  • Celebrating disperate experience in a parallel commitment.
  • Expression of experience in a benevolent manner.
  • Expression with meaning and principle
  • Intentional openness in encountered dialogue.
  • Facilitating conversations around the project's context and beyond.
  • Intentioned choice in medium and frequency.
  • Pursuit of personal clarity.
  • Pursuit of paired clarity.
  • Pursuit of communal clarity.
  • Pursuit through outward awareness.
  • Pursuit through inward awarenness.